About the Site

About this site

For some time we have wanted to upgrade our existing web presence to something that will reflect who we are, and allow us to interact and to maintain a dialogue with our clients, prospective clients, and above all, our friends in the industry.

We value and enjoy the times we spend with our clients, either when we consult individually or appear on a seminar platform with a much larger audience. What happens in both these circumstances is that we exchange views, and if, as we hope, you gain a benefit from the advice we give and the opinions we express, then equally we are beneficiaries. It is your questions, problems, and experiences which keep us up to date with current developments. Knowing what is happening in your factories an offices keeps us current, focused, and at the leading edge, and that is what being an effective consultant is all about.

We do have opinions, and we are not afraid to express them. Not everyone agrees with our view, but we would like to think that we have the independence and the confidence to say when we think the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

In short, our business is all about exchanging ideas and experiences, and the more in touch we are, the better we are able to do our job.

And that is what this site is all about. We welcome it as an opportunity to develop a community, to share thoughts, views and ideas. We would like to welcome you to that community, and have you as an active participant. We will respond to issues raised, and we will facilitate contact, communication and idea exchange between those who sign up for our website and its services.

We hope you will join our community, so that we can all continue to develop our skills, knowledge and competencies together.

Oh, and above all, we want to have fun while we are doing it.

Andrew Levy


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