Over the years we have had relationships with hundreds of different companies, ranging from gigantic public sector organisations all the way down to 'mom & pop' type private businesses, and everything in between. We have even consulted with large multi-national corporations, typically to assist them in establishing operations within our sometimes hostile labour environment.

We have trained many thousands of people, from the lowest paid wage earners, right up to the executive level managers, and we have helped many companies to overcome employment problems that they faced. We regularly prepare strategy documents for boards of directors, and appear on national media advising the country as a whole.

Our Wage Settlement Survey is highly regarded world-wide as the defacto authourity on labour economic forecasting for South Africa, and its subscribers include such organisations as the International Monetary Fund, the South African Reserve Bank, the United Nations and most of South Africa's largest public and private sector organisations.

Appearing on this page are the brand identities of some of the businesses that we have worked with in the past few years. We don't consider any business as being too small to access our services, and would be delighted to hear from you and find out how we could help you!


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