DVD Training Series

DVD Training Series

Our current series of Training Pacs have proven to be an effective training aid, great value for money and will elevate your in house training to new heights of standard and excellence.

Fully compliant with the latest labour legislation, they are an essential training tool for industrial relations and human resource practitioners, line managers and employees.

The guidelines set out in the Video Pac will ensure that the correct procedures as set out in the various labour statutes are followed, conflict is minimised and litigation can be avoided

The Video Pac material is presented in a user friendly format and can be conveniently exposed to a broad range of employees, such as line managers and supervisors to ensure compliance at all levels of the organisation

The content is simplified by eliminating legal jargon and is easily understood by all levels of employees without detracting from the important principles required by the Statutes

What do each of the Training Pac Series contain? -

• DVD (English)
• 1 x Training Manual
• 1 x Model Answer Workbook

Part 1: Principles of the Code
Part 2: Misconduct
Part 3: Incapacity.

The purpose of this Video Pac is:

• To assist you in adapting your existing disciplinary procedures to the Code of the Good Practice: Dismissal (Schedule 8 of the LRA)
• To underline the new provisions in terms of managing discipline to ensure a more streamlined process

CCMA decisions are used to illustrate the principles of misconduct and incapacity in a practical hands-on format


Part 1: Key points in chairing a fair hearing.
Part 2: Practical problems in hearings.

The purpose of this Training Pac is:
• To illustrate a number of key points for chairing fair hearings
• To explain ways and means of preventing and solving problems related to running a disciplinary hearing
• To serve as a training aid for employees, managers and union officials in understanding the underlying principles of fair disciplinary hearings

The various stages of the disciplinary hearing and resultant disciplinary action are covered – all of which are illustrated in a step-by- in the series:


Part 1: Key points in establishing a Grievance Procedure
Part 2: Conducting a Grievance Hearing

The purpose of this Training Pac is:

• To illustrate the key points in establishing a grievance procedure
• To explain the roles of the various participants in the grievance procedure
• To provide legal remedies in handling unresolved grievances

CCMA cases are used throughout to illustrate the abuse of the grievance procedure and its value in resolving disputes in the workplace before they become major issues

Our products are geared to provide you with a complete solution to all your industrial relations and human resource needs


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