The firm of Andrew Levy has been the foremost name in South African Labour consultancy, and has a record of ‘firsts’ in South African labour relations.

ConsultancyWe offer a complete range of labour advisory services, from individual dismissals, to the management of the most complex strikes or cutting edge legal cases.  Our client base has included some of the world’s largest multinationals, all the way down to small family businesses.  The focus of our consultancy has always been on ‘how to’ practical advice, and we are proud of our reputation for providing cost effective  and non-theoretical solutions to our client's labour problems.

Our position at the leading edge of South African labour practice and our focus on research enables us to maintain wide experience across all industries and we are proud to offer our consultancy services are available throughout the country.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Drafting or review of all employment related documentation
  • Advice on the management of dismissal or performance problems for staff at all levels
  • Strike or other labour dispute management and advice
  • Retrenchment, and the employment law aspects of mergers & takeovers
  • Changes to the terms and conditions of employment
  • All aspects of employment law
  • Collective bargaining & wage negotiation

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